Staying in Australia: going about Melbourne

I’ve been only 6 months staying here in Australia and I can tell that I love it here. Melbourne is different from Seoul. Although both of these cities are just as urbanized, Melbourne feels different. Of course, it could be the people or the people; sometimes I miss seeing Korean symbols. But I think coming here to Melbourne is a fresh experience.

I had to make some adjustments coming here. First of all, I had to really accustom myself on how people speak. I have been taught English since I was little, but how actual people speak the language I had only a scant of an idea. The accent is very difficult to take sometimes. I could understand people at the uni, but when I go outside and buy, people’s accent would be very much pronounced. Sometimes I don’t get what they are saying at all, and I feel embarrassed how couldn’t reply properly every time I’m on a conversation. Over time, I had learned how to understand them. My friends at the dorm are all Aussies and they would help me understand the words by sounding them out. Sometimes they would even force me to speak with the accent, but I just can’t; I fail every time.

Food was also very different. I miss the noodles and kimchi my mom used to make me back home, and now I just can’t have it. Well there’s one near the bay but I still miss mom’s. When I don’t miss Korean food, I’d have to settle with steaks and chips. They’re not altogether unpleasant; they’re quite good. The chips I eat at night when I study. Then there’s some more exotic stuff I had eaten, like the kangaroo meat (poor kangaroo) and emu at a restaurant Jacob brought us into. They don’t taste bad.

It’s the start of my second year and it’s quite hot here in Melbourne. Seoul’s relatively colder, which is good since I do not have to wear heavy coats going around the city. Everywhere I look people are always bustling and busy. Port Phillip is lovely at night, when it reflects all the city lights and mirror the skyscrapers. Sometimes I bike around the city during weekends to really observe everything, the people, cars and just how everything works in this city.

I haven’t gone around Melbourne and explored it to its fullest. What with all these assignments, I can only go to the grocery shop or bookstore. Maybe during the break I could find time and enjoy it some more. Until next time!

Staying in Australia: not so much about Uni

Okay so, in my last post I was endlessly rambling about my first year in uni. I’ll talk less about the hardcore uni stuff in this next post (as much as possible).

I’m staying at the uni dorm, and they have food service as well. In my room, there are four of us in: Jacob, Ryan and Clark are my roommates.  Jacob is studying biology, ryan and I are in the same course, and Clark is taking chemistry. I’m glad that I have quickly made friends with them since day one of being here in Melbourne. I’m quite shy and having friends really helps, like getting to know the campus. I didn’t have to be afraid going around school; we would go check out the libraries, the garage, places like that, together. Sometimes, I think about every two weeks, we would go out together, eat out and just chill, at the mall, parks or just anywhere.

Ryan and I, as I’ve said, we are taking up computer science and systems. And it’s good since we would often workout assignments together. Basically, up until third year, if we didn’t have to repeat anything—crossing fingers—we’d be on the same subjects together. After that, depending on the major of our liking we’d have to go separate ways, but that’s okay. We’d be in the same department anyway.

All the guys are kinda funny, Jacob especially. He likes telling jokes all the time, finds something funny even if it’s something serious we’re talking about. Ryan, he’s kind of the more reasonable of the three. Although we do like fooling around a bit, he would be the one to say if it’s a good idea or not to do stuff. Clark, he’s a bit talkative too, and sometimes it could quite a bore. But it’s kind of good that he talsk a lot cause we sort of get information from him that otherwise we wouldn’t have known of, like deadlines, events. He’s like a radar, basically, always on the lookout for stuff.

At the dorm, it can get quite noisy at times, with the other boarders. They watch games and horse around. Now we also do that stuff but we try to keep it down because we know that’s rude to others. We’re staying on the second floor and there’s a small bathroom for every room. There are other buildings with communal bathrooms, and thinking about it is kind of terrifying. Our room’s reall nice since looking out we have trees and green landscape for a view. Although it’s hot outside, we generally feel less of it in our room, maybe because of the shade.

So that’s it everyone. I’ve told you about my dorm experience so far. It’s not that eventful. And also my fun friends. Next time, I’ll be sharing stuff about going around Melbourne. ‘Till next time!

Staying in Australia and Uni

This is my first time here in Australia. I’ve been in uni for about a year now, and all I can say is that it’s been good so far. People have been friendly and helpful. I am quite enjoying my time here!

So I am studying at the University of Melbourne, computing and softwares that sort of stuff. I did apply for scholarship because if I didn’t I would be paying very high tuition fees. I also did not want my parents to spend all that much considering I already asked them to let me study to a very far place. All that they had to help me with is some money as allowance when I really need something. I’m staying in a dorm too and food is free so no worries at all in terms of living cost. I just have to maintain my grades because I could be taken off of that privilege if I don’t.

Speaking of which, my course is actually fun. A lot of people might that computer stuff is difficult but I am actually having an easy time with. I guess if you aren’t so interested with the topic you might get bored or be discouraged studying through it. But I think another factor that I enjoy it is because my professors are also quite engaging and very open to questions. I don’t normally ask questions in class. After classes perhaps, and when I do they are quite approachable and eager to expound on the subject matter. It feels as if they care about you as a student. There have been challenging stuff as well that I went through but it’s usually solvable. I just have to consult with my professor or talk to my friends, and usually us talking about it would lend us solutions. It’s amazing when right where the problem is given in class we don’t have any idea how to solve it but when we talk about it we come up with ideas. Sometimes brainstorming really works.

There are other courses that I’ve been involved with. I mean after all it’s only my first year. There’s maths, calculus and stuff. That’s a bit difficult but I am trying hard to overcome it. People always think that when you’re good at computers or are involve with computers you automatically will be good in math. I have hard times dealing with maths as well. Apparently, I don’t fit into most people’s stereotypes. There’s also Physics, which is hard but interesting. Then the rest of the stuff is programming or computer-related stuff, like algorithms. So, yeah, that’s what I had for my first year.

Basically I liked how the school works. It’s very organized and they offer help quickly whenever you need it. There are some great resource too, physical and online, so studying is easy. I hope I do find out more stuff, which I can share to you guys. So, until next time!